How to Measure Your Kitchen or Bathroom Exactly?

Accurate kitchen or bathroom measurements are the key elements on how to design the kitchen or bathroom. Our design team will be able to help design your kitchen or bathroom only according to the exact dimensions measurements as indicated in the measuring procedure as below:

What kinds of measuring tools must be prepared?
A tape measure, a record pen and some papers have to be ready for kitchen or bathroom measurements.


Step 1: Measure and Record Dimensions
Measure and record the overall dimensions of each wall, label walls, pillars, windows and doors. Remember to measure clockwise. The drawings of kitchen or bathroom will be done according to the measurement records.


Step 2: Measure and Record Ceiling Height
Measure the ceiling height and record it in the center of your drawing. The ceiling heights may be different as much as several inches in different areas of your bathroom or kitchen. It is better to take measurement in different areas of bathroom or kitchen. If the ceiling heights are indeed different in different areas, please record both the low and high measurement data.


Step 3: Measure and Mark Both Doors and Windows
You can begin at the left side of wall A to measure the first window, door, or wall. Go ahead to measure and record the data clockwise around the kitchen or bathroom until each wall, window and door has been measured.


Step 4: Identify and Measure the Fixed Convexity
Draw in any convexities, such as electric outlets, lights switches, sink plumbing, gas meter, gas duct, etc., that you either cannot move or do not want to move. Remember, measure clockwise too. Measure the convexities and record the width, height, depth and distance to the wall or floor of the convexities on your drawing.


Step 5: Please Take Some Photos of Your Bathroom or Kitchen
Photos will be clear to display some information of convexities and the positions of windows and doors. Therefore, please take some photos of your bathroom or kitchen from different angles by mobile phone camera. And please send the photos to the design team by email.


Tips: Label of doors, pillars and windows is purple lines with word; label of unmovable obstructions is black dotted lines with number which show A/B/C/D in wall below.


The Codes of Labels:
a - Width and depth of pillar
b - Height and depth of beam
c - Height from wall to door side
d - Distance from door top to ceiling
e - Distance from wall to window side
f - Height from window still to floor and window top to ceiling
① - Distance from wall to gas meter side
② - Height of gas meter
③ - Distance from wall to electric outlets
④ - Height of electric outlets
⑤ - Distance from wall to sink plumbing
⑥ - Height of sink plumbing
⑦ - Distance from wall to gas duct
⑧ - Height of gas duct



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