How to Renovate a Kitchen?
How to Renovate a Kitchen?
How to Renovate a Kitchen?

How to Renovate a Kitchen?

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How to Renovate a Kitchen?

How to renovate a kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the main functional areas in the home space and is also used frequently. But the kitchen is full of fumes, and the kitchen will have a lot of dirt after the extended usages for dozens of years. And some quality problems may come after being used for so many years. Some owners simply try to give the kitchen a big change. Kitchen renovation can make the kitchen as clean as new, and it may also remove many unreasonable places. Although the kitchen renovation has many advantages, it is not everywhere that you want to move. What are the precautions for kitchen renovation?  Let’s share our experience and kitchen project in Hamburg with you as below:
Step 1: Water Supply
The old kitchen water supply system generally uses a single-way water supply, only a cold water pipe. In order to make life easier in the future, a hot water pipe can be added. Please be reminded that waterway changes can only be changed to above water but cannot be changed under water due to structural constraints.
Step 2: Waterproof
The kitchen is always around water and the entire area is relatively humid. The owners will inevitably destroy the original waterproof layer during the renovation process, and the waterproof effect will also be affected. In order to prevent the kitchen from seeping and leaking water downstairs, it is necessary to make up the waterproof layer of the kitchen in time, and do not use wood flooring or leather quality and other materials with poor fire performance.

Step 3: Space Layout
The old-fashioned kitchen space is no more than the present one, and there may be a very unreasonable space layout. In fact, the original kitchen cabinets can be removed and replaced by a new completed cabinet with a strong storage capacity to ensure that there will be enough storage space in the cooking room. In the second kitchen renovation, the water pipes and electrical circuits naturally go more than before. Therefore, we have to pay more attentions to the concealed project.
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