20190430070744200 Help Your Business Grow and Make More Money

HOMURG Global welcomes customers to become local dealers in your markets. And we will help your business grow with franchise policies and supports. HOMURG Global will help your business make more money months by months. And you will get the sole brand franchise locally and that’s wealth for long time. Cooperate and Double Wins!

20190430070744200 One-stop Service and Save Your Time

What’s one-stop service? HOMURG Global will supply both consulting services on bathroom or kitchen design and decoration, and supply recommended bathroom items or kitchen collections to you. That’s called one-stop service on bathroom and kitchen, which will help you save time on home interior design and purchasing goods from different stores or suppliers.



20190430070744200 Budget Control and Save Your Money

Kitchen and bathroom design or renovation is a big job for home residential. A home interior designer or design company has to be chosen and communicate in details. However, HOMURG Global team will do both for you on designing and supplying these goods. In addition, we will help you on budget control and finally save your money on kitchen and bathroom design or remodel. Happily consume and happily enjoy!

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